Who is paydaywindow.co.uk?
Payday Window is an UK based online loan matching firm that is licensed under the governing bodies of UK which moderate payday loan industry. The company is having its strong affiliation with some reputed lenders in UK so you can expect for the higher chances of being accepted than other firms.

What types of loan do you provide?
We deal with different sorts of short term payday loan schemes as per the requirements of our borrowers. Some of the major loan services we deal with include-

  • Text Loans
  • Mobile Text Loans
  • Text Payday Loans
  • 100 Pound Loan
  • 500 Pound Loan
  • 1000 Pound Loan

Is payday loan right for me?
Of course, a payday loan is good for all those salaried class individuals of UK who are struggling to overcome with their short term credit needs. You can get up to 1000 pounds with these loans.

What criteria do I need to follow to be eligible for your loans?
You have to fill out an online application form appropriately. Before you apply for the loans, you need to ensure that you follow a below given criteria-

  • Minimum 18 years old in age
  • Citizenship of UK
  • Earn minimum £750 per month with a regular job
  • Holding a UK bank account and debit card associated with it
  • UK mobile number

How much can I borrow?
First time borrower can get up to £500 and this can increase up to £1,000 for repeat customers who manage to meet our affordability check.

How much will I have to repay?
Interest rate you pay back on the borrowed funds depends on the amount you borrow and the lenders who accept your application so it can vary. But on the general basis, you have to £20 on each £100 that is 20% and rest depends on the duration you keep the loans for.

When will I receive my requested fund?
It takes only 2 or 3 hours or even less on the general basis. So banks can take upto 3 days of time in clearing the funds so allow up to 72 hours for the funds to get transferred into your bank account.

Will my employer be contacted?
Yes, our lenders do contact your employer to verify whether you actually work there or not. But, you should not worry about your privacy. We will never disclose your application to your staff.

Will I need to send my documents to you?
Although our application process is completely online based but in some cases but sometime we may request for the backup documentation. You are only asked to attach the scanned copy of your documents.

Can I use cash for every purpose?
Yes, you can use it for every purpose but most importantly to take care of your emergency cash flow problems. We suggest you to utilize the borrowed funds for urgent financial works only.

What If I could not repay my loan on due date?
We understand that sometime problems occur in lives that could prevent you from repaying the loans so if you have any problem in repaying the loans then inform it to the lenders in advance so that they could find out a solution for you. Make sure that you inform lenders in advance that you are having problem in repaying the loans since day to day notification will not be accepted.